The Social Impact Lab is a hands-on, team-based experience for those who want to make a difference in their community.


A two-month marathon. Powered by design. To multiply your impact.



Grounded in design thinking

Using a design thinking framework, teams work on local projects and research, ideate, build and test solutions to address a specific challenge.


Sprint-based modules

At the beginning of each sprint, lab participants meet together to hear from experts about an important step in the design process. Teams then apply these best practices to specific design challenges to research, design and plan possible solutions. The lab culminates in a two-day impactathon where teams get live feedback on their prototypes from the community.


design experience not required

The Social Impact Lab was made for local professionals who are curious or passionate about social impact design or interested in applying their professional skills to a different context outside their current day-job. Those with a background in design, interested in design thinking, or want to see human-centered design in action should also apply.


We believe that everyone can use thoughtful consideration to make a difference.

We call this design. And this is your invitation.


With its team-based approach, project-specific focus, and marathon-mindset, the Social Impact Lab provides the chance to experience how design can help solve some really big problems. The combination of lab workshops and team activities will provide participants the chance to practice and apply social impact design while making a difference in their local community.




Lab projects are carefully selected by organizers to provide the best opportunity for participants to learn about social impact design and make a distinct difference through the power of design. 

Teams will be assigned to work on a specific project local to their community. This may include projects from social enterprises, emerging social entrepreneurs, collaborative associations, local organizations or governmental bodies, or traditional non-profits. Project sponsors will work closely with Social Impact Lab organizers to offer an appropriate design challenge for the lab format.


About lab teams


Lab participants are matched with specific projects based on need, interest, or background. 

Team participants come from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Teammates may be designers, developers, consultants, coders, project managers, product owners, social services workers, or public servants of all kinds. 

Together, teams will be working towards co-creating a workable prototype based on their specific project needs. The final product that teams work towards range from service blueprints, physical products, tech or digital assets.


The next Social Impact Lab is percolating.

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about us


The Social Impact Lab is a product of the b:ask collective, a community for people who have a heart for social change. We are making it easier for people to find, follow and fuel their passion. Learn more at

Your local Social Impact Lab is organized by a group of individuals that believe that design thinking can drive social impact at a local level and around the world.