Week 1: Quick check-in and workshop follow-up

So great to see you all at our Lab Kickoff and first workshop last night. 

Tell us what you think

We want to get your feedback on our workshop guest speakers and make sure the lab experience is off to a good start. Fill out this 2-minute survey.

Stay connected

  • Join our Slack worskpace — To help us stay connected as a PDX 18 lab cohort, we set up a Social Impact Lab PDX Slack space. We’ll send out invite links soon but you can join us by using this link. There are specific channels set up for each project as well as each phase to encourage cross-team collaboration and information sharing in between lab workshops.

  • Connect during Lab Office Hours next Thursday, 10/4 —Erin will be holding a virtual “Lab Office hour” on Thursday, 10/4, from 8-9 pm. If you have questions about your research activities or just want to connect, this is the perfect chance to collaborate with and hear from other lab participants that aren’t on your same team. Click here here to register.

Get caught up

  • There are a lot of resources that have been curated for you by the lab organizers and your project leads:

    • Check out the lab project pages for Solutions PDX or El Pasaporte Project — This contains an overview of the project, design challenge, and project history, including a video of your project lead speaking about the larger context for the challenge.

    • Check out the project onboarding pages (on our huddle page, info below) — This contains a list from your project lead about potential research ideas and activities! 

  • Familiarize yourself with the PDX Lab Huddle page (password: togetherpdx) — This is the one-stop shop for updates and resources related to the lab

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend!