Week 5: Design Mindsets

As we enter the Design phase, be sure that you are making plans to complete any planned research activities. As you work with your team to craft insights/provocations and ideate (aka brainstorm) together, here are a few mindsets to practice and another lab challenge:

Design Mindsets:

  • Seek clarity - Your team may still be conducting research -- and that's okay! In fact, continuing the research and discovery process even after ideation is a great way to clarify and get even more focused on an idea. Use another round of research activities to refine your ideas even further.

  • Be experimental - In the same way that a Research mindset was to take action, a key Design mindset is to experiment. It's never too early to test a hypothesis, synthesis, or finding. Doing so in this design phase will help your team refine and narrow down ideas to move forward into the official "build and test" phase.

  • Focus on the human experience - While some of your research activities may have revealed key information about the systems, processes, and platforms that may be involved in a specific social challenge, you'll want to make sure that as you ideate, you're thinking about the human experience of this issue. Your ideas and insights should be from a human(-centered) perspective. You'll have the chance to validate your ideas and get specific feedback from key stakeholders during the third phase, but it's important to make sure that the ideas your team moves forward are solving issues related to real, actual experiences. 

Lab Challenge: Completing the Blueprint
Total Time: 1 hr (completed individually or pairs)

  • PREP: (15 min)

    • Review the service blueprint that your team drafted during last Thursday's workshop.

  • MAP: (30 min)

    • Give yourself another 15-20 minutes to complete the map

    • After your map is as complete as you can make it, identify the key Questions and Opportunities that you have

  • PLAN: (15 min)

    • Given the key questions you identified above, make one specific plan to research an answer (either through interview, observation, or secondary research). Invite a teammate to join you.

    • Given the opportunities you identified above, brainstorm at least one way to address the issue or alleviate the "pain" associated with this process step. Be prepared to share with your group.

Remaining Lab Events:

Finally, be sure to mark your calendars for next week's final workshop and following Lab Impactathon!

  • Thursday, November 1st at 6 pm @ Jama Software - Workshop #3: Build + Test

  • Friday, November 2nd - Saturday, November 3rd - Two-Day Impactathon

    • Friday, 11/2 at 6 pm @ Jama Software - Day 1

    • Saturday, 11/3 at 9 am - 5 pm @ Hatch Innovation - Day 2 [Lunch will be provided]

  • Thursday, November 15th at 6 pm @ WeWork - Community Celebration [Hors d'oeuvres / refreshments will be provided]