Workshop #2 Preparation: Getting Ready to Design

Looking forward to seeing you for our second workshop. We have a special guest speaker who will be working through a useful design framework that will help you as you continue to research and learn more about the landscape around the design challenges.

In case you missed highlights from last week's email, it is available as a post in our lab huddle space.

A few important things to note:

  • Lab Milestones have been updated with active links relevant to Workshop #1 (scroll to the bottom of our Huddle page; password: thrivetogether)

  • Don’t forget to log-in to Slack and post any updates from your research activities! It’s also a great way to stay connected to your peers. If you wish to conduct in-person interviews, consider using Lab Challenge 01 as a guide, available for download in Lab Milestones.

  • We also drafted some key tips for how to represent the lab when you reach out to community stakeholders. Be sure to “cc” hello@ (this email) so we have visibility into your work. Click here to read more.