Workshop #1 Follow-ups: Planning and Conducting Research

Here's a few gentle reminders as a follow-up to our first workshop:

1. Check out the Huddle page (password: thrivetogether) for key updates:

  • The "Onboarding" button has been renamed to "Project Resources" -- this is the space that will be updated actively as the weeks go on. Be sure to check out the resources already waiting there for you.

  • The Lab Milestones have been edited with active links to the handouts from Tuesday's workshop.

2. Join the Slack workspace by clicking here. Invites were sent to emails as well, so check your inbox!

  • Use the #research channel to collaborate on research ideas and connect with other teammates on possible join research activities.

3. Plan your research activity.

  • Review these brainstorms from Tuesday's workshop:

    • Consider who is inside or internal to the challenge (e.g. fire fighters). Consider who is outside or external to the challenge (e.g. who in the community?

    • Consider where you could go to observe a service, process, situation that is representative or analogous to this issue?

    • Consider who is in the room. What could we learn about our own stories? What questions could we ask to learn more about the way we approach the challenge?

  • As you consider conducting in-person interviews:

    • Contact us before making introductions, as we may be able to expedite connections with our contacts through Portland Fire & Rescue.

    • We also drafted some key tips for how to represent the lab during this research phase. Click here to read more.

4. Conduct your research.

  • If you wish to conduct in-person interviews, consider using Lab Challenge 01 as a guide, available for download in Lab Milestones.

Don't forget to use our Slack workspace to ask questions, compare notes, and review research findings!