Workshop #1 + Check out our online Lab Huddle!

A few exciting reminders and announcements this week:

Design Challenges for the Lab -- Last week, we revealed the three design challenges for the lab. If you haven't had a chance to review, click here to take a look at the Blueprint for Success project page.

Workshop #1 this Tuesday -- We'll be reviewing the design challenges in more detail this week during our first workshop on Tuesday, 5/21, at Fire Station One at 6:00 pm. Please shoot us a note if you anticipate being late or absent.

New Lab Huddle Webpage -- To prepare for our time together and to keep us connected throughout the lab, check out our new participant-only huddle space --

Huddle link:

Password: thrivetogether

This page contains key information for you about the lab. Be sure to bookmark it for future reference.

And finally, to prepare for Tuesday's workshop, review the Huddle page (see link above) for the following:

  1. Check out the Project Onboarding -- This page contains a curated list of resources about the three lab challenges to help you in your research

  2. View the Lab Participants gallery - Learn more about your fellow participants. NOTE: We are receiving applications from a few late-enrolling team members and will be sharing updates about teams at Tuesday's workshop!

  3. Review Key Lab Milestones - The lab process is outlined on the huddle page with key milestones highlighted. Review what actions you can anticipate this week after the workshop to help dig into the design challenges.

We're looking forward to seeing at this week’s workshop!